Working method Roling advies

Roling advies brings everything together when it comes to financial advice and financial trends. We have a large network in financial services and we will look after you from A to Z, with the best advice and corresponding services.

Step 1 - Introductory free mortgage consultation

If you are thinking of buying a residential property, you first want to know what your budget is, the costs involved and what monthly costs you need to consider. An initial chat with a certified financial adviser from Roling advies will provide you with clarity and security. During the first meeting we will get acquainted and explain what your financial options are, and anything you may need to be aware of. At the end of the consultation, you will have plenty of information to make a confident offer on the perfect property!

Step 2 - Inventory phase

Congratulations! Your offer has been accepted, or you have been selected for that beautiful new home. At Roling advies we will now start taking stock of your personal and financial situation and talk about your specific financial requirements and goals for the future. In your personal and secure online portal, you can upload all relevant documents, so we can do an accurate financial analysis in preparation for the formal financial advice.

Step 3 - Consultation phase

All your details, requirements and goals, and our financial advice are combined in a financial advisory report. In this document we substantiate the recommended financial products such as the mortgage and any insurances. During a personal conversation, we will explain the content and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Step 4 - Application for financial products and administrative processing

After your approval of our financial advice, we will apply for the advised financial products. At this stage, we will check all documents to ensure that they comply with the conditions of the mortgage lender and insurers. After the financial institutions have assessed and approved your file, we will ensure that all the relevant documents are submitted to the notary on time. So you can focus on choosing furniture your new home and start planning your move!

Step 5 - Advice completed and now?

After completion of our services, we will record and manage the financial products taken out through our mediation in our system. We and the financial institutions will continue to inform you of relevant changes and your adviser will always answer your questions about the advice provided.