Mortgage advice

Competition on the mortgage market is fierce. We know the mortgage market like no other and know where to go. And because every situation is different, we only recommend financial products that fit your personal situation.

Buying a property

Offer accepted? The next step is to apply for a mortgage. Whether you are buying a home to live in yourself or a buy to let. Whether you have no permanent contract or you are self-employed. We map out your wishes and current situation and give you independent advice on the most suitable mortgage.


You can reduce your monthly costs by making extra repayments on your mortgage or by refinancing your mortgage. For example, for a lower interest rate or by changing your mortgage type. We will soon worked out whether this is advantageous for you.


From compulsory to supplementary insurances: damage, risk of death, unemployment and incapacity for work. Independent advice based on your personal situation and wishes. You only insure what is important to you.
Applying for insurances is free of charge during the mortgage consultation process.

Renovating or sustaining

Renovating a house costs money. You can (partly) use your savings for this, but there are several options for taking out an extra mortgage.

There are numerous ways to make your home more sustainable. Depending on the energy label of your home, you can also get a better mortgage rate.

Using your equity

There are many reasons why you might want to use your equity. For example, to pay for a renovation, to make a donation, to buy a second home or to supplement your income for a certain period.

Relationship breakup

After a breakup, there is a lot to take care of. We ensure that all financial matters regarding the house, the mortgage and insurances are arranged properly.

I had a great experience working with Shariff Roling.

I’m an expat, so my knowledge of Dutch laws and mortgage procedures is limited, but Shariff has explained everything in great detail. I’m happy with mortgage conditions that he found for me, as well as his advices about insurances and risk mitigation.

Tip: Have a face-to-face introduction meeting with Shariff. Before I’ve signed a contract with him or found a house broker, I’ve met Shariff in his office and he answered my questions, did preliminary cost estimations for buying a house (taxes, broker, notary etc.) and estimated maximum mortgage I can get as well as interest rates and monthly payments. This was very useful for deciding what’s my budget and communicating it to my house broker (makelaar).

Dmitry M. (3-11-2021)

I was lucky enough to find Shariff as mortgage advisor , thorough, professional and transparent advise from the first day and was also available whenever I needed a second thought in my buying process. Great insight and links with various banks which gives the buyer surety to receive the best deal amongst different banks in the NL. I would highly recommend all the expat and local community to get in contact with Roling Advies and to avail your maximum chances incase you need a highly competent mortgage advisor in town so Sharif should be your first contact 🙂

Muhammad B.A. (16-09-2021)

We were so lucky to have Roling Advies (Shariff) as our mortgage consultant/advisor. He was very well organized, proactively supported us in preparing the documents, mortgage application and mortgage insurance, etc.

We can’t be more satisfied and very happy with the result… a highlight of his service was the greatly organized complementary portal on which you could follow the procedure and get a clear insight throughout the process!

The cost for the service was definitely worth it and lower than many advisors out there!

Thanks Shariff!

Hamid N. (06-09-2021)

Working with Shariff merits high quality service for getting a mortgage. He is very professional and will tackle the process for you seamlessly. Roling advies is expat friendly and Shariff has a good command in English to best serve expats. I am very happy to work with him, would always recommend Roling advies!

Hani K. (26-06-2021)

Shariff has always been very responsive and clear with his communication. He made sure that I understood the procedures and clauses with respect to mortgage and guided me to make a decision based on my understanding. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Trinath (02-05-2020)

I would recommend Mr. Roling to anyone who is looking for an efficient, quick, agile, cost-effective mortgage advisor. People like him took mortgage advising to a whole new level by taking advantage of digital technology and having a deep understanding of today’s working people’s needs. If you are tired of lame theatrical performances and just want some surgical precision without unnecessary drama than Shariff is your man.

Ivan (18-12-2019)

We found Shariff through a friend who bought a home and had a good experience with him and we were not disappointed. He made the process easy, was available to meet after office hours so we did not had to leave work early, he would call and explain any time we had questions. Most important of all, after we found our home he arranged financing in about 2-3 weeks, no problems.

Akos (23-10-2019)

Following a recommendation from a friend, I got in touch with the adviser. Since the first meeting, he showed great communication skills, and high level of professionalism. After a successful bid, the adviser immediately started working on my mortgage application. He provided multiple alternatives, and he was flexible and fast to reply whenever I had questions or doubts.The adviser always supported his advice with a solid argument. I am glad to recommend his service without hesitation.

Saber (23-10-2019)

The adviser and his team made our experience in securing a mortgage easy and smooth. He was quick to respond to our questions and didn’t hesitate to take all the time necessary to help us. It was important to us to have all information and documents explained in English, which is something the advisor did really well. We would highly recommend his services.

Mina (21-10-2018)

I initially didn’t think I would want to use a mortgage advisor at all – was thinking about going for a mortgage from a bank directly. So good I didn’t! Not only it saved me money, but his professionalism and advice at every single stage of my mortgage application have been immensely helpful. I particularly appreciated his support given that I’m new to the Netherlands, and having someone able to explain to me all the steps and answer all the questions was simply priceless. In addition, his English is perfect which made a huge difference. 

On top, He was amazingly swift in responding to messages – day and night, also during weekends.

Marta (03-10-2018)

The adviser helps me to take out an ideal mortgage successfully with his professional knowledge. He is a very efficient and responsible mortgage adviser. I’m very impressed by his fast replies, flexible working time with a friendly price. I would highly recommend him and Finzie to others.

Anonymous (20-09-2018)

After visiting five different mortgage advisors (2 major companies, a bank and 2 discounters), Shariff provided the most attractive offer for arranging the purchase of my apartment.

This decision proved to be very good. Not only did Shariff find a better offer than I had seen to that point, he also managed all the potential difficulties in my case: having a limited, four year, contract as a PhD candidate, arrived recently in the Netherlands and a passing date settled in the near future.

He handled the problem very well and I felt confident at all stages. My questions and wished were always addressed promptly and professionally. Everything turned out perfect.

Y.M.H. (17-08-2018)

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The first meeting with our mortgage adviser is always free of charge and will not only give you insight into your financial options and the monthly costs of your mortgage, and anything you need to be aware of.